Group Class Schedule

January 2016

7pm Beg – Tango
8pm Beg – Hustle
7pm All Levels Techniques – Leading & Following in Latin Dance
8pm Adv – Rumba
7pm Beg – Rumba
8pm Int – West Coast Swing
7pm Int – Hustle
8pm Int – East Coast Swing


7pm Beg – FoxTrot
8pm Beg – East Coast Swing
7pm Adv – Smooth Techniques
8pm Adv – Nite Club Two Step
7pm Beg – West Coast Swing
8pm Int – Waltz
7pm Int – Tango
8pm Int – Rumba

***At the completion of each class, you are emailed a video review of that evening’s material so you can practice with a reference!

Group Class Rates


“Drop in” rate: $15 (per person, per class)

One Dance Class for the Month fee: $60

Unlimited membership fee: $90

***This class option allows you to attend any class you are qualified to attend. Beginners may not attend an intermediate class unless approved by the teacher.

  • All group class fees are due at the beginning of each month.
  • There are no refunds for classes missed.
  • There are no make up classes for classes missed.
  • These offerings may be cancelled at any time.

Bonus Special: Each time you recommend someone to THE BALLROOM and they register for lessons (either private lessons or our monthly class pass) we will give you $10 in credit towards your next months lessons for each person who enrolls on dance lessons.

***Remember they have to give us your name when they register so we can give you the correct credit.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Our new fee for our “Unlimited Class Pass” will is $90. However, if you pay your class fees prior to the first of the month you will save $5 per person making the fee $85 for all of the classes you would like at your level. So, by paying early you will only see a $5 change in the monthly fees for group classes.