Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most expensive way to learn how to dance. Having said that, they are also the most effective, as they’re the most valuable and fastest way to learn how to dance! When you are having a private lesson, you are developing your skills and mastery in all areas, not just steps. For many people whose budget don’t allow them to take private lessons, group classes make the most logical choice for a source of learning. The pace of learning private versus group is about 10 to 1.

The vast difference is that in a private lesson you are working one on one with an instructor who will identify and correct what’s going wrong immediately. In a group class, there isn’t enough time to work individually with people on corrections.

Private Lesson Rates:

  • $95 per 45 minute session
  • $85 per 45 minute session (if 4 or more lessons are paid upfront)
  • $125 per 1 hour session