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Originally from Brazil, the Samba made its mark in the late 1920’s and hasn’t stopped since. It’s the most famous dance in Brazil. Performed in carnivals, street dances, as well as “The Ballroom” at Villa Incanta, it’s considered an energizing and exciting dance form as you flirtatiously move your hips and knees. Whether you’re objective[…]

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Preparing for a dance competition

While participating in a dance competition can be scary and exciting all at the same time, it is an experience that all dancers should partake in. It’s an opportunity to learn and just grow stronger. To help persuade you to take advantage of any upcoming competitions, I wanted to share a few competition tips: 1.[…]

ballroom dance

How to dance to the beat with rhythm

Learning dance moves and choreographed routines are one thing, but learning how to hear and accentuate moves to the music is another. Dancing with rhythm can be achieved by counting music, determining the appropriate dance form for the song, and acquiring experience to improve timing and musicality. So first, let’s discuss counting music. In general,[…]

ballroom dance

How to Quickstep

In honor of our April social dance, I thought it’ll be fun to post a quick tip on the Quickstep. When dancing the Quickstep, you have to think light on your feet. This form of dance is much like the foxtrot in terms of elegance; however, dancers must be fast on their feet so that[…]

ballroom dance

Ballroom dance away memory loss

Weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, developed social ties, increased self-esteem, and rise in happiness are just a few benefits of ballroom dancing. However, did you know that ballroom dancing can also improve your cognitive skills and reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s? Several studies, as those presented by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine[…]